Dott Cotton

Dott Cotton - International Idiot

This was in 2013. I asked to photograph her and she gave me her card that said, Dott Cotton – International Idiot. She was appearing in The Greatest Liar In The World, a dark sequel to Pinocchio.

Now when I look at the image I like the seriousness in her face.

The Way Of The World

A player in The Way of The World by Youth Action Theatre

I photographed her on the Royal Mile in 2013. She is one of the players from Youth Action Theatre appearing in William Congreve’s Restoration comedy, The Way Of The World.

It’s a play about two lovers endeavouring to marry against all the odds. It’s a comedy set in a society where everyone despises everyone and acceptability depends upon being socially superior and having an acid comment ready at one’s lips.

I shot it on an Olympus EPM1 with a 45mm lens. Looking at the colours and the sharpness, I continue to like what Olympus does with its micro-four-thirds cameras.

Howard Jacobson

howard jacobson

We went to see him talk about his book ‘Shylock Is My Name’ and I took his photo at the book signing afterwards. I asked whether I could take his photo and he was gracious about it.

He’s talking to my wife in this photo.

I shot this with my Fuji X100s under mixed lighting and the EXIF data tells me I shot it at 1/58 second at f2 and ISO 800.