Mostly photographs of people

Woman in period costume during Jane Austen Week in Bath, England

Each year in September, the city of Bath is host to Jane Austen week. It’s when people from all over the world converge on the city to dress up in clothes of the period and promenade around.

On the first day of that week, 500 or so people in costume walk through the city from the Assembly Rooms and down into the heart of the town and back again. It was after they reached their destination that I spoke to this woman and took her photo.

She seems so pleased and happy to be there in period costume during Jane Austen Week. Her pleasure was infectious and I enjoyed photographing her.

Dott Cotton - International Idiot

This was in 2013. I asked to photograph her and she gave me her card that said, Dott Cotton – International Idiot. She was appearing in The Greatest Liar In The World, a dark sequel to Pinocchio.

Now when I look at the image I like the seriousness in her face.

A player in The Way of The World by Youth Action Theatre

I photographed her on the Royal Mile in 2013. She is one of the players from Youth Action Theatre appearing in William Congreve’s Restoration comedy, The Way Of The World.

It’s a play about two lovers endeavouring to marry against all the odds. It’s a comedy set in a society where everyone despises everyone and acceptability depends upon being socially superior and having an acid comment ready at one’s lips.

I shot it on an Olympus EPM1 with a 45mm lens. Looking at the colours and the sharpness, I continue to like what Olympus does with its micro-four-thirds cameras.